Monday, 26 November 2012

Polar Blue

Wearing my Polar Bear Swim paired with a couple of recently rediscovered items; these glitter denim shorts and the blue Birkin bag.
I got these shorts for Christmas a couple of years ago but never wore them, as for the bag; it's definately well loved but forgotten. I found quite a few forgotten items during my recent wardrobe clean out ;)
How did everyone go with the Black Milk Cyber Sale today? I ended up buying 14 items (whoops) nearly everything I still wanted from the store was on sale today!!
I was wearing:
Rusty Glitter Denim Shorts
Hermes Vintage Blue Birkin Bag
White Beaded Necklace
Hermes Blue Clic Clac Bangle
Colette Blue & White Bracelets
YSL Turquoise Arty Ring



  1. I love that swim so much! But I got the beach leggings, cathedral dress, and moonwalker swim for myself and the red galaxy swim for my sister. Can't wait :) I can't believe you got 14 pieces! That's awesome/I'm really jealous hahaha. What all did you get??

    1. Its really cute :) Yay for BM sales!! Check my latest post to see what I got xx

  2. LOVE this outfit... Your hair has gotten like... extra long! :O lol


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