Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pastel & Metal

Shortest hiatus ever! Thank you so much to SamiSpoon for suggesting using an image hosting site! It solved my photo storage limit problem! It will take me a bit longer to get the images onto my blog in future, but its better than nothing!!
Here are my two latest Black Milk pieces; the Flamingo Swim and the long awaited Nairobi Dress!
I chose the Nairobi Dress for my special 50th piece gift! I thought it was a good choice; something unique to other BM,  I love it :)



  1. Yayyy Im glad you can continue to blog! I would have missed your posts
    The flamingo swim is so pretty, Im sure it suits you very much!

    1. Yay! Im glad too!
      The Flamingo swim is really pretty :) I hope Black Milk brings out more pastels and pinks soon xx

  2. I love both pieces! And happy you weren't gone too long! :)


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