Tuesday, 13 November 2012

SOM Litas

Finally got my Sick Of Men Litas! Now my little BM Lita collection is complete :)
I wanted these for a really long time, but I kept buying other things that I wanted more, but when they went on sale I grabbed them quick in case they sold out (which they did!).
I actually had a lot of trouble getting them thanks to Solestruck..which is surprising cause they are usually great..but not this time, its kinda put me off buying from them again actually, very disappointing.



  1. They look so good, I really wish I had got some but I dont always wear heels
    Shame you had issues with Solestruck but I guess they were overwhelmed with all the sale orders

  2. So many people had issues with Solestruck during the sale, although they're a pretty big retailer so I don't even think a mass amount of orders is a good enough reason to become so hopeless! :( Isn't this print amaze on shoes? I think the SOM everything is the best, and then maybe Bone Machine Back Off's are my next favourites.


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