Friday, 30 November 2012

Black Milk Sale Haul #1

My first of three Black Milk sale orders arrived the other day in their big gold bag!
My first order was 8 pieces, I had them all in my cart ready to refresh, I got them all 50% off apart from the Lace Shorties!
The only one I'm not sure about is the Phoenix Dress- it's not as vibrant in real life as I would have hoped..looks kinda faded.
Im really glad I bought the Emotional Panda Dress though! I wasn't to sure about it but I love it!



  1. Awesome gets, Im really hoping I get my first gold packet but who knows!

  2. I'm so envious of your BlackMilk Collection! Managed to grab four pieces during the sale too, that adds up to only six for me. Waiting for my shiny black package...


  3. Nice haul! :D That sale was the perfect time to get all the, "I like it but not enough to pay that much for it when I have to pay that same amount for other things I LOVE" items!


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