Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Leather Eyelashes

Finally the weather is warming up! At least for a few days anyway.
Here's a triple Black Milk outfit featuring two of my favourite versatile pieces; Eyelash Tee and Leather Skirt.
I'm loving Balenciaga right now, I have a new obsession with their bags and accessories! Here is my latest acquisition; the Giant Part Time bag in Bleu Lavende- A lovely purple/blue chameleon colour.

I was wearing:
Cotton On Metal Plate Belt
Balenciaga Bleu Lavende Giant Rose Gold Part Time Bag
Chanel J12 Watch
Balenciaga Violet Giant Stud Cuff Bracelet



  1. I love your bags! Please post your bag collection! Especially the balenciaga and chanel~

    1. Thankyou <3 Yes I will have to do a bag collection post soon! When I can be bothered gathering them all out together xx


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