Monday, 3 September 2012

Disco Cube!

Im so happy to finally have the Black Milk Disco Cube Skirt!!
I loved it since I first saw it, now thanks to another Sharkie I have it!
It's so pretty and shiny- silver cube sequins that in the light reflect rainbow colours.
My new favourite piece I think :)



  1. Oh wow! That is so beautiful, I'v wanted that for ages - you're so lucky!! :D

  2. omg that skirt is amazing! xx

  3. Awesssommmmeeeee! I'm getting a custom dress done in similar fabric. I hope it looks this amazing with the colour change! :D

    1. Sooo happy I got it!! I was going to get that dress (the etsy one?) but I really wanted the Black Milk skirt more! Cant wait to see your dress though..I may need it ;) xx

    2. I'm an L... it's reallllly hard to find the rare pieces in my size I notice, I always see XS, S and even M but never L's! And L's usually always sell out first on the site too. It's kind of weird. The dress IS the one from Etsy, it's being shipped now. I figured that if the fabric is as sparkly, I'm better off getting that as skirts aren't fantastic on me and the dress doesn't have the black sides so my OCD will be okay with matching colours that AREN'T black. lol

    3. I find my size always go the fastest too :( You have to be really quick on the BSS page now that it has so many members :(
      Can't wait to see your dress, I want the dress version too, love the skirt!! xx


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