Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rainbow Cheerleader

Brightening up an otherwise dark outfit with my Black Milk Rainbow Galaxy Leggings.
I love anything rainbow; so these are perfect for me.
I paired them with my Lace Evil Cheerleader Dress, a leather jacket and my trusty Back Offs.
I was wearing:
Celine Pink Bag
Equip Pink Cross Necklace
Forever New Coloured Stone Bangles
Equip Gold Purple Crystal Bracelet
YSL Blue Lapis Arty Ring
Equip Stone Earrings



  1. loove your shoes! xx

    1. Thanks :) They're JC Back Offs! So comfy xx

  2. I LOVE that dress! Gosh you have so many new BM pieces! I'm so jealous hahaha. This outfit looks great as usual! What's your favorite BM you own? And any you're lusting after? I've noticed you have gotten some new, discontinued goodies! Did you happen to get the gamer dress yesterdays ammo release? I'm thinking about making that my third piece :) Or maybe the tiger swim.... gosh and also Star Wars! Black Milk is wayyyy to addicting! So thanks for getting me obsessed hah

    1. Slowly building my collection! My favourite is probably the Eyelash Dress or Rainbow Galaxy Dress.
      I reallllly want the Aurora Dress, Pacman & Rainbow Bright stuff but good luck there ;)
      I was going to get the Gamer Dress..then decided against it, I dont think I would really wear it.
      Getting Artoo as soon as Star Wars comes out for sure!! xx

  3. I really love the Eyelash Dress too.. kind of regret not getting it. I also love my Rainbow Galaxy Dress :) I hope you can get an Aurora Dress! I think it's so beautiful! It's probably my second most lusted after thing after the Polar Bear Dress, but I've put all my energy into finding the that one haha. I'm really hoping jL rereleases it during a Christmas collection though, otherwise I know I'll never get it because I have no discontinued pieces to trade for it grr!!! But I'm a bit of a nerd so I really want the gamer dress hah :) It's my birthday on the 22nd so I'm hoping I can get a couples pieces for it! And yes, I want the Artoo swim too! It would look SO cute with high waisted denim shorts!

    1. I wanna get the Polar Bear too! But Im hoping for an Aurora Dress the most! If not I'll probably just by the Swim :)

  4. Black is my favorite color and I love a bit of toughness so this outfit is really awesome to me. It looks great put together the way you chose. And I am loving the shoes!

    1. Thankyou :) I really like it too! I love black! But also colours hehe xx


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