Friday, 7 September 2012

Police Box Who?

A very blue outfit featuring the Black Milk 'Policebox' Dress.
Originally named the 'Who' Dress (it's Dr Who themed) the name was changed due to copyright issues and at one point it looked like there would be no more made!
I originally didn't think much of this dress, but after seeing it on people my opinion soon changed (as it usually does) and I ended up buying it when it returned in my size.
I like the simple contrast between the two blue shades.
For this outfit I decided to keep with the blue shades with my bag and shoes, and paired the dress with black cardigan & leggings to make it more suitable for the still horrible weather.
I was wearing:
Ice Black Cardigan
Marc Jacobs Stam Bag
Vintage Blue Chain Necklace
Equip Anchor Bracelet
YSL Blue Lapis Arty Ring
Vintage Stone Earrings



  1. lol. We need to start doing like collaboration outfit posts or something. This is how I wear mine too. Except I put my Charcoal jacket over top! :D


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