Saturday, 29 September 2012

Polar Island

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of Blog posts this last week- hopefully I'll be able to get back to more regular blogging now :)
Here's a short post showing my latest Black Milk pieces! 
Finally I have the Polar Bear Dress! I've wanted this for so long- I love it! It's so cute :)
I also got the Island Retreat Bodysuit! I think this will be a great summer piece paired with denim shorts or a skirt, the colours are really pretty :)
My collection is growing! I still have to do a collection post soon ;)
Thankyou to the two lovely ladies from the BSS Page who made these two dream pieces a reality xx



  1. Oh my God I can't believe you got the Polar Bear dress... that has been number one on my want list since I discovered BM!! SO UNBELIEVABLY JEALOUS!! Please please do an outfit post with it next! I want to see it more than the Aurora dress hahah. (I have a good feeling it's coming back though, thank goodness!) I want allll the animal stuff :)

    1. I know me too!! I love it :) I actually ended up with two- but ones a medium and is now up for swaps!
      I'll try to do an outfit post with it soon :) It better not come back after what I just paid for it!! But the Pink Mountains is pretty close xx

  2. You found an XS on ebay?? I have been checking ebay but I haven't found an XS for a few months... Polar Bear stuff isn't on ebay very often, but when they are, I only see them in size large :( But ya there was a post on the discussion board maybe 2 weeks ago and it was a graphic designer from BM asking for ideas to come back or things we would like to see. I emailed him about the Polar Bear dress and he said he would talk to jL as many girls had been asking about it.... so we'll see! I'm sorry you had to pay a lot for it! (hopefully not too much!)... but I really hope it comes back for Christmas! I love Pink Mountains, but I love the Polar Bear so much more! Anyways, are you planning on getting anything from the release? There is so much I want! I really want the Artoo swim or dress, but I'm thinking I may wait until all of Star Wars is released to make my decision on what I want... especially because there are the two different Artoo versions! I also want the Owl and Tiger swim too... Goodness, I'm lusting after so much BM!

    1. Its actually a Small, but it still fits pretty good :) I really want the Pink Mountain Dress too!
      Theres a couple of things I want from the release- Artoo dress for sure, still narrowing it down thought ;) xx


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