Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Blue Shoes

My two latest Jeffrey Campbell shoe purchases; Tardy Stud and Blue Distressed Litas.
I had wanted both of these for so long, but they have been sold out in my size everywhere and it doesn't look like they will be returning to stores anytime soon.
I was thinking of buying the size 8 instead of my usual 7 in the Tardy Stud, but with shipping they would have ended up costing me over $200 for shoes that would probably be too big. I was so happy when I found them on eBay in my size for only $100, bonus they were still brand new!
I also bought the Blue Litas from eBay, but they are a size 8, they're not overly big but my foot does slide forward a bit in them, I love the colour though and they were really cheap :)



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Love them :) I've bought wayyy to many shoes this month though!! xx

  2. Those blue Lita's were nearly my first buy... and then they sold out and never came back! :( lol

    1. I should have bought them earlier..pity mine are too big :(

    2. Yeah it sucks with the Lita's. Some are so hard to find now. I lucked out so much when I found my Turquoise pair on eBay for only $100 with free shipping... this is months ago now. It was the ONLY pair I was dying for after the Stars and Stripes.

    3. I think I have all the Litas that I wanted now. Just got the Lavender Suede so I think Im done! Until they no doubt bring out some more awesome designs :P xx


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