Sunday, 30 September 2012


After wanting it for so long I finally tracked down a Black Milk Honeycomb Skirt!
I was suprised to find that the fit is bigger than my other skirts- so it is a lot looser than usual but thankfully still wearable :)
I really love yellow so this was a must have piece for me.
For this outfit I paired it with another Black Milk piece- the Eyelash Tee! So glad I got this, it goes with everything so well.
I also matched in the yellow with my shoes, bag and necklace.
I was wearing:
Chanel Yellow Bag
Betsey Johnson Foxey Heels
Colette Yellow Necklace
Equip Leather Chain Cuff
Equip Ring



  1. love how your outfit matches perfectly! And your chanel bag!! I didn't even know you could get them in yellow :O but it's soooo lovely! xx

  2. I've never really liked this skirt at all (and I mean that in the least offensive way lol) but I LOVE this outfit. Sooo cute!

    1. Really, I always loved it :D
      Thanks xx


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