Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pink Panther

Crazy leggings paired with a simple top.
These are the Pink Panther Leggings- set to have a limited re-release in Thursday's Black Milk Ammo.
If you are able to ninja them, I'm sure you wont regret it! I really love them, so sparkly :)
I bought mine about a year ago now from eBay. Not really sure what happened to Black Milk's "no re-releases" plan..
I put my pink laces in my Hellbound's to match the black & pink of the leggings, due to the camera flash though it ended up looking two completely different colours.
There's a few things I would like to get from the Ammo release, the one I really want doesn't look like it's going to happen though :( even though they would match my blog perfectly..looks like there's no Glitter Pink Leggings for Pink Glitter.

I was wearing:
Supre Bat Wing Tshirt
House of Harlow Sunburst & Locket Necklaces



  1. Omg I love your leg wear and shoes!! Thats so luvlieee!!! <33
    Anyway, wanna follow each other ??
    Just let me know ;;)

    Visit mine:

    1. Thanks!
      Following you, your style is so cute :) xx


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