Thursday, 24 May 2012

Glitter & Denim

I love this Denim jacket, until recently I had forgotten about it cause it was hidden in my closet, I only just found it again. I really like the light wash colour and shoulder studs.
I chose to pair it with my glitter nightwalks and a matching glitter dress (worn underneath).
I was wearing:
Denim Jacket
Lilac Butterfly Sleeve Top
Supre Silver Glitter Dress
Lilac Chanel Bag
Eiffel Tower Necklace
Balenciaga Cuff
Equip Charm Bracelet
Purple Stone Arty Ring



  1. LOVE this outfit! It's very different and unexpected! Are the nightwalks easy to walk in? I was thinking about getting some of the cheaper version from GoJane or something.

    1. Thanks :) They are pretty easy to walk in once you get used to them, just dont lean back ;) lol.
      If you want them, just be careful with cheaper versions- im sure this style of shoe isnt too great for your feet/back and cheaper versions are probably even worse if they are poorly made.
      Karmaloop have a few off the heel-less styles on sale at the moment like this one:

  2. Pretty. I love the lilac/lavender!


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