Tuesday, 15 May 2012

UNIF Dresses

My 3 new UNIF dresses arrived yesterday!
I really love the look of all 3, but my favourite two are the Lace Choker and Poison Ivy, they are both really well made and look great on, with a pretty much perfect fit.
While I really like the look of the Love Punch Dress..it just fits funny and seems poorly made compared to the other two, the material is a lot thinner and the lace up front feels like its choking me :S
Oh well, I will be posting outfit posts of each of the dresses soon; to give you all a better idea of what they look like on.
For now here are some photos of the dresses.
It's really hard to capture the true colour of the Love Punch dress in photos, It is much more pink than it appears, my photos make it look orange (dodgy camera)..
I purchased them together from Karmaloop, they were all really good prices and the shipping was super fast.
 Karmaloop has great customer service and product choice! They stock lots of UNIF gear, if you haven't already, check it out here.

UNIF Poison Ivy Dress

UNIF Love Punch Dress

UNIF Lace Choker Dress



  1. Absolutely LOVE the choker dress hey. I can't wait to see what you wear it with.

  2. I really love the black and burgandy ones... so dark and amazing like Morticia Addams.


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