Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wildfox On The Way!

 Just told by Dolls Kill that my Wildfox Ballet Platforms will be shipped tomorrow!
Finally, after waiting for months they will be on their way!
Can't wait to get them and see what they look like on, hope I like them :)
I have to make some room on my shoe wall for them and my other pre-ordered pairs (Back Off, BM Rainbow Damsels and BM Rainbow Litas).

Sorry for the crazy photos have been popping up everywhere lately with people claiming to own website was even 'selling' the shoes in my photo.. :S 



  1. Makes you wonder what they're really selling! ..I really wanted these pink ones but my size went... I think first? lol

  2. Gaahhhh so many amazing pairs, I would have the hardest time deciding which ones to wear if I were you in the morning.

  3. such a heaven, i really want to sleep at ur place, lols, surround by tons of shoes, kyaa, i can't wait for your outfit with those ballet platforms :p ahh, btw, the most stunning shoes are ur "barbie colour" hellbounds and neon litas, hahaha :)


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