Tuesday, 1 May 2012

UNIF Pink Hellbounds

WARNING: Photo Overload!
I just got my Pink UNIF Hellbound's delivered to my door!!
They actually arrived yesterday, but I wasn't home :( So all morning I've been anxiously awaiting their arrival!
I LOVE THEM! Totally worth the wait! I first heard about these in like January! So they've been a long time coming to my collection :)
They are obviously very similar to my other Hellbounds (except in a more awesome colour) but they do  feel a little bigger, I can actually get my foot into them without having to untie the laces like I do with my other pairs, this may have something to do with the laces being a little thinner, or maybe they changed the rivet placement? IDK..But it makes them a lot easier to get on and off.
The colour is brighter than it looks in all my pics to, its a real neon/ highlighter pink.
Another thing that I really love about the Hellbounds are the different looks you can create by mixing and matching the different lace colours, as you will see below, I had a bit of fun trying out different colour combos.
These shoes are so awesome! Everytime I get something new from UNIF it makes me love them even more! I still really want to get the Leopard Hellbounds, and some of the new colours to!
I got these ones from Solestruck, and as always had an excellent experience, fast shipping, great communication and service! If you want these shoes or any others I highly recommend them! Click the link at the bottom of the post to be transported to shoe heaven!
Now prepare for a multitude of pretty shoe pictures...



  1. they're damn pretty !!! the prettiest i think, love the pink so much, can't wait for your outfit photo dear :o

    1. Thankyou :) I love them!
      I will hopefully be able to do an outfit post tomorrow xx

  2. Wow! They are amazing! They look great with the different coloured laces, kind of love them with the rainbow laces the best, so bright!

    1. Thanks :) I think the pink with the rainbow laces would be great for a dress up party xx

    I think I might just have to save up for one, but it'll probably take me a year or two :(
    Sigh! You're really fortunate to be able to get so many litas and unif!

    Feel free to donate to the jodie-is-poor foundation, poor kid!!

    Stumbled upon your blog ever since I googled for unif hellbounds, and I'm just stalking you everyday.. Okay that sounds wrong but you get me!

    1. Thankyou, you should definitely save for some, you'll love them :)
      Haha I dont mind your stalking ;) don't forget to follow xxx

  4. The gorgeousness!! It's about time you got these! I am way excited for you and they look incredible! So much perfection, you must just stare at them and wonder how did UNIF think to create this masterpiece!? lol... LOVE UNIF so much!

    1. I love them! So bright :) As you know I've been waiting for these to come out forever! xx

  5. Wow. OMG. The colourful laces or the black laces, I love those two on them best. They are crazy bright. More than I thought they would be.

  6. I want pink too!


  7. Where you buy the pink one????? ;___; so lovely!
    Please answer


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