Thursday, 31 May 2012


First outfit featuring my new Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell Ballet Platforms.
I decided to keep the Ballet theme going by pairing them with a tulle pink tutu, a lace jumper and girly accessories.
I really love these shoes, they remind me of the ballet shoes I had when I was little- this time just add a giant platform ;)
I was wearing:
Vintage Cream Lace Jumper
Pink Tulle Tutu
Chanel Cream PST Bag
Juicy Couture Bear Necklace
Crystal Circle Necklace
Balenciaga Cuff Bracelet
Cream Diamonte Cuff
Pink Crystal Ring
Equip Crystal Pink Earrings



  1. i've got these shoes and they can't where for a day outfit. this is just ridiculous ! I wear them for evening cocktails, with a little black dress. outfit simple and smart.

    i know you'll don't validate my comment because you think you're a perfect princess who don't support critics :)

    1. Feel free to comment off Anonymous..way to hide behind a computer screen..
      And its up to you how you choose to wear them..wouldn't it be a boring world if everyone dressed the same?
      Pretty sure the point of these shoes is that they are so ridiculous, so I went with that aspect for this outfit. Personally I wouldnt wear them with a black dress, because wearing these shoes with something like that wouldnt make it look simple nor smart..but each to their own ;)

    2. Hahaha j'attendais la remarque typique de "c'est facile te parler en anonyme" honnêtement qu'est ce que cela change?? Je vis à Paris donc anonyme ou non qu'elle importance étant donné sur tu ne le connais pas. Je viens seulement voir ton blog de temps en temps car je me demande comment en ayant autan d'habits, chaussures sac et accessoires sublimes, comment est ce possible de faire des associations aussi laides qui donne une allure cheap et de mauvais gout... Vu le nombre de photo uniquement de toi qu''il y a sur ton blog tu dois être très fière de toi même. Tes goûts sont douteux tu es l'antithèse du bon goût et du chic. Mais bon peut être que la vulgarité est une de tes caracteristiques

    3. Firstly; I'm sure that we be a great story..if I could understand it!?!
      Secondly; I tracked who you are and can see why you would want to comment on anonymous, I'm sorry your so sad with yourself and your life..but jealousy is a curse ;)
      Thirdly; you can go now, I will not be posting any more of your comments, your just making yourself look like a bored idiot.
      Feel free to stay off my blog, ta.

  2. :-O ...

    I really love this outfit!! I think those shoes look more and more awesome the more you look at them. they look really comfortable and I love the shock factor of them.. I would totally stop you if I saw you out and compliment your shoes. They look so over the top and fantastic and I love that you played into the wildness of them. There are so many different ways you can wear these shoes...I can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks Jenna your always so lovely :)
      I agree they are so over the top! But so cute too I think :)
      I have a few new pairs of shoes to show soon ;) including more Wildfox JC! xxx

  3. I love those shoes! I think they are great. I love that they are different and a little over the top. That's the fun part of fashion -- we can all wear what we want.

    I like the way you paired it with a tutu skirt. Fun and flirty!

    Great look!


  4. I'm usually an 8.5-9 in JC shoes and ordered these in a 9 on revolve because that was the only size left and I just wanted them so badly after seeing your pictures haha they're sooo pretty! Do you think they would fit okay?

    1. I think that they would fit ok, if they are a bit big you could put insoles in them. They do fit a bit narrow, so if you have wider feet they will probably be fine.
      I got size 6, which is what I usually buy in heels and they fit me pretty perfectly :)
      Don't forget to email revolve for your discount, if you havnt purchased from them before xx

  5. This shoes are something else I don't think I could walk on them , good for you!


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