Friday, 25 May 2012

Waiting for Wildfox.. Wildfox JC Ballet Platforms have made it to my local area, and now its Friday night..which means I now have to wait until Monday to get them! :(
I hate pre-orders and I hate waiting for stupid shipping companies!!
To pass the time I did what I do best..order more shoes!
I ordered two more pairs from the Wildfox Collab; the Sgt Pepper boots and the Dallas Foxy heels.
Funny how the one pair I was originally planning on buying is the one pair I didn't buy (Lonestar). I like really high heels and this one looked a bit funny being shorter.



  1. Aw man! That totally sucks when you know your order is in your area but you have to wait for can't I just go pick them up from wherever they are?! ... I have been having really bad luck with my deliveries lately and had to wait half a month to get one of my packages just for them to tell me I needed to pay more for postage in order to get them. UGH! I feel your pain! And I can't wait to see the ballet shoes on you!!

    1. Postage sucks! Especially when its International!! Which everything I buy is :(
      Oh well, I get them tomorrow! Cant wait :) xx

  2. Ugh! I had the same thing happen with a couple parcels on Friday too, I am sooo excited that tomorrow is Monday because I know my parcels are coming! lol... I want the Sgt Pepper boots too. I'm just hanging out to see your Ballet Platforms before I decide whether I want them or not. I missed out on Pre-Sales but I've noticed other places have them so if they're awesome I might try order them elsewhere (not Solestruck) and just pay for shipping.

    1. If you decide to get them- go to Revolve, they have free shipping and if your a new customer you can email them after purchase to receive 30% back :) xx


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