Friday, 4 May 2012

Pink & Black Hellbounds

As requested, another Pink UNIF Hellbound outfit.
This time with the black laces, I think I prefer them like this, it tones down the neon pink a bit.
I paired them with a mainly black outfit and a pink bag.
I really love these shoes, definitely one of my favourite pairs.
I was wearing:
Volcom Jacket
Supre Black Leather Skirt
Black Tights
Pink Motorcycle Bag
Pink UNIF Hellbounds
Equip cross necklace
Leather Chain Necklace
Pink Leather & Diamonte Cuff



  1. I like them best with the black laces too! :)

  2. The black laces are my favorite as well. these shoes are so insanely amazing!!

  3. gosh, they even look more better with black laces, lols :p ahh, so pretty, anw, do you live in sydney? i feel like i want to visit ur house someday, tons of shoes as ur background is totally heaven for me, lols :p keep updatin' ur blog, love it, i even bookmarked ur page :)

  4. Ugh. I'm still on the fence. I'm trying to consider how I would wear these. I want them so much, the colour is incredible!


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