Friday, 8 June 2012

A Few New Things..

Here are some pics of some recent purchases and gifts.
1. Today I received my Black Milk Cross of St Peter Leggings, the only piece I ended up buying from the latest release, I wanted the Psychedelic Chess Leggings too, but they sold too quickly, hopefully I can get them in the restock.
2. I also got some 'outfits' for my IPhone, a pink bunny one and the cutest 'Stitch' character with moving ears.
3. My newest Jewellery pieces from Diva, which I love! they have lots of cheap awesome designs.
4 & 5. Some gifts from my Nanna; Dior perfume and vintage jewellery pieces. She also gave my a couple of bags; Balenciaga & Marc Jacobs, which I will show soon.
6. My latest purchase made today; Black Milk Roses White Leggings! I love these, I think they look a lot better than the black version (below) in which the roses seem to become lost. The white also remind me of a Chili Peppers album cover :)



  1. I just can't get over how amazing those boots are still. lol. They've been sitting on my wishlist but there are still so many things I want first! :( lol

  2. I love those rose leggings and the phone cases are soooo cute!!!


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