Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mermaid UNIF Hellbounds

My forth pair of Hellbounds arrived today! The Mermaid Pink.
I love them so much! They are more pink than I was expecting, and so shimmery (although its hard to capture on camera).
The last 2 photos were taken on my Iphone, they capture the shimmer more accurately.
I bought the size 7 and they fit the same as my other Hellbounds, although the material does seem to be more fragile.
Im really liking so many of the pieces from the UNIF Summer collection, theres a few dresses that I will be buying soon :)
I purchased these from Solestruck and as always could not be happier with their customer service- Special thanks to Ashley who put up with my constant pestering xx



  1. They're so pretty! I love them all and your blog tempts me to buy all these shoes I see and then I have to talk myself out of it because I know I wouldn't actually WEAR those colours. lol... But I still want those leopard ones. I'm adamant I'm getting them! ;)

  2. I love them! These are the perfect shoes for me; Pink & Glittery - Just like my blog ;)
    I want the Leopard ones too! I want all the colours xx

  3. They are simply amazing! These shoes are ones to treasure... I can't even imagine in 20 years if someone was about to find something as amazing as this in a thrift store... These are literally some of the best shoes ever and should be held on to! GAH! I just love them-I can't even tell what I like so much about this pair but something about them is so different and perfect. Seeing them next to all the others, they really stand out as different and beautiful. I love them all in different ways. These mermaid ones are like a fantasy.

    1. They are really unique, I havn't seen any shoes with this colour/texture before, so shimmery and pretty!
      Funny I thought they were just a beige colour originally- but they are beautiful :) xx

  4. OMG those are beautiful!! I love the marbling texture! I'm hesitant about buying the pink ones but I think you won me over lol :)

    1. They are so pretty in real life! You should definitely get them! :) xx


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