Friday, 1 June 2012

New: Back Off & Warden

Finally 2 pairs of my new shoes arrived!
After much hassle with Fedex..
I got the Back Off and Warden Boots (Both Jeffrey Campbell) from Solestruck.
I pre-ordered the Back Off a while ago, so Im so pleased to finally have them.
The Warden was on sale at Solestruck and I didnt really have any tall JC's so I decided to get them.
They look huge on me (Fiancee said they look like motorbike (dirtbike riding) boots..hmm not sure what to think about that one..but they are super comfy and warm cause the inside is lined with wool.
The Back Off is better than I expected, I have heard a lot of people say they smell when you first take them out the box, mine just smell like leather. They did get a bit squashed though (probably due to being moved around the Fedex local warehouse for the last 5 days..)



  1. I sooo love the warden ones!!! they look really awesome!! something about the bottom of them looks badass and amazing.

    1. Thanks :) They are so huge! The bottom is the same as my Watchmen boots/ Stunners, there are a few JC styles with that bottom, I really like it xx

  2. Oh wow. I LOVE the wardens! They look like you could wear them forever and not get sore feet.

    1. They are pretty comfy! And nice and warm :) xx


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