Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Milatary Boots and Jacket.
I went through a faze of loving the Military inspired look, so I ended up with a lot of clothes in this style, I hadnt bought any for a long time until these Wildfox x JC Boots came along.
I love the two paired together, I kept it simple with grey jeans and a black bag.
I was wearing:
H&M Military Jacket
Supre Black Tee
DC Grey Skinny Jeans
Chanel Medallion Tote
Vintage Gold Necklace
Chanel Black J12 Watch
YSL Blue Lapis Arty Ring & Equip Black Stone Ring
Lovisa Cross Earrings



  1. oomg that chanel bag is freaking amazing! and wow... so is your collection of shoes 0__0 you've probably heard that a lot though.

  2. The jacket is so cute and i love those jeans!

  3. I want these boots SO much! I have a crop military jacket too but it's only a crop, I wish I could find something longer like this one you have!

    1. Maybe try Ebay? This one was from H&M. Hope you find one :) xx

  4. Are these outfit posts what you actually wear that day to go out, etc? I'm just curious :)x


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