Saturday, 23 June 2012

UNIF Summer 2012 & Mermaid Hellbounds

I recently viewed a sneak preview of the latest UNIF lookbook 'Poison Ivy - UNIF Summer 2012'
I am loving what I have seen so far, especially the dresses! 
I have included my two favourite photos on this post, to see the rest of the lookbook click here.
I have ordered my Mermaid Pink Hellbounds and can't wait to get them! I really love how they look on the model in the photo above.
I think they would match the Bandage Dress pictured below really well.
I'm sure I will have quite a few UNIF items on my wishlist once I view the completed lookbook.

*Photos property of UNIF, Tilted Sole and Dolls Kill*



  1. Gahhhh I LOVE UNIF!!!! Everything looks gorgeous!

  2. Are they coral? Other images I found of mermaid it just looks brown. Is this mermaid pink or just mermaid? If the pastel pink HELLBOUNDS are also iridescent then that's amazing*!* I was under the impression mermaid was a color & mermaid pink was what they call the pastel pink.

    I have the original HELLBOUNDS & I love them even tho I'm five seven and don't wanna be taller.

    1. I think it depends on the light of the photos, but the mermaid/mermaid pink/pastel pink are all the same. It is iridescent in the light and really pretty :)
      See more pics here:


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