Monday, 11 June 2012

Pretty Shoe Pictures

Today I was bored, so I decided to take some photos of my shoes :)
Hope you all enjoy these pictures, I have a whole folder on my computer called "Shoes" with various pictures of ones I like or want.
I have sold a few pairs of shoes lately to make way for new purchases, including selling two pairs of my Lita collection, can you tell which ones?
As always, I don't mind you using my photos, but please do not edit them and please credit and link back to my blog xxx



  1. I noticed you sold your pink leathers, and don't tell me you sold the cosmic ones!! Those were AMAZING!!

    1. Yeah I sold the Pink Neon and the Cosmic.
      I sold the cosmic because I never seemed to wear them.
      I bought the Black Milk Rainbow Galaxy Lita instead xx

  2. There's a pink gone I think, you have a pink fur and a pink leather that are pretty much the same colour (like the pink Hellbounds), but I think the one in these photos is fur so you sold the pink leather ones? And your cosmics..? They were a bad cosmic Lita though, I have to say, I wanted them so bad but I hated how they were almost patent and I'm so glad that JC and BM did the collaboration to correct that! lol

    1. Yep correct! I sold the neon pink lita coz I liked the hellbound better, and I agree- the cosmic looked cheap, like knock off litas!
      Can't wait for my BM shoes :D xxx

    2. I know. I have this bad feeling they're going to come when I'm away in Sydney. I leave this Friday and there was a sneaky status on the Solestruck Facebook page that said they might get them in early! It's going to be amazing when they arrive! :D

  3. Your shoe collection is so amazing!!! I love them all!

  4. This collection is AMAZING. Shoe envy happening over here.



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