Thursday, 14 June 2012

Warm in Warden

As the weather gets colder..The grumpier I get..I hate the cold.
So to compensate I need to dress warmer with lots of layers.
For this outfit I wore a leather Aviator jacket with a wool trim and my matching wool lined Jeffrey Campbell Warden boots. These boots are huge! but really thick and warm at least :)
I was wearing:
Leather Aviator Jacket
Black Long Sleeve Tee
Bardot Jeans
Multi Toned Satchel Bag
Black Chanel J12 Watch
Equip Aztec Bracelet
YSL Turquoise Arty Ring
Vintage Gold Cross Earrings



  1. LOVE this outfit! Quick question... I know it's winter where you live, but have you given any thought to buying a black milk swimsuit to wear with like high waisted denim shorts? You're actually the one to introduce me to the brand, and now I'm completely OBSESSED! Hah I've been waivering back and forth between a swimsuit and leggings... the swimsuit may be more practical sense I live in Hawaii... but dang those leggings are amazeballs!

    1. Hi, yeah I'm planning on buying the mermaid scale one when it's released- none of the others really interested me that much.
      I'm visiting Hawaii in December and plan to wear the swim while im there :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) I wasnt sure about them at first, but I think they will be good for when its really cold! xx

  3. Ohh are there pictures of their upcoming designs? I really like the galaxy and the astronaut. What island are you visiting? I live in Oahu, I go to college out here. If you come to Oahu you'll have to check out the pipeline surf competition! Sense you're from Australia I'm assuming you love the sport as much as I do hahah. I'll have to fill you in on all the fun places to go!

    1. They do sneak peaks on FB sometimes. Thats how I saw the Mermaid Swim.
      The galaxy is the only swim I would probably buy, but I already have the leggings, so Im holding out to see all the new ones.
      Im going to be in Honolulu, which I think is Oahu yeah? :)

  4. Yep, that's on Oahu :) ! That's where I live, well more specifically Waikiki. Anyways, I found you on FB from Asami's page that way we don't have to fill up your comments haha. The mermaid in beautiful! I've been stalking black milk's FB page for the past day thinking it would help me figure out what to order... it's only made me more confused! I can't decide if I should order what I like now, or wait a couple days to see what new designs get released. I'm bummed I didn't know about them sooner, their old designs were pretty amazing too.

    1. The new release will be on the 26th, but it will be mostly basic black stuff. I just ordered the Psychedelic Chess Leggings and my White Roses should be here on Monday! Once you start buying its hard to be careful lol xx

  5. I absolutely LOVE these boots. They look really great with the jacket and bag you chose too! :)

    1. Thankyou :) I just bought the Metallic Midnight Lita's, I know you have them, do they look good in real life? xx


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