Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Black Milk Nylon Wars Ep2 & Recent BM Purchases

Nylon Wars Episode 2..ended good and bad ;)
Good: The Kawaii Dress (Cupcake Animals) was a surprise inclusion
Bad: I missed out on the piece I really wanted NY Skyline Dress.
But they are sewing more ;)
I purchased only 2 pieces this time; Lace Evil Cheerleader Dress and Pink Kawaii Dress.
I also received two new Black Milk pieces this week; Matte Black Evil Cheerleader Dress and Metallic Velvet Rose Skirt! I love them both and will hopefully be able to include them in outfit posts soon :)



  1. I want the Matte Black Evil Cheerleader too, it ALWAYS goes in my size before I get there! Frustrating! :(

    1. I wanted it for ages but couldnt justify $130 on a plain black dress..but its actually awesome!! xx


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