Saturday, 25 August 2012

Shimmer Mermaid

A pretty pink outfit featuring my Black Milk Metallic Velvet Skirt in Rose.
I wanted this skirt for so long, I waited too long and it ended up being sold out in the store, but I managed to snag one from Ebay, so glad I got it, so pretty and shimmery!
I paired it with my Mermaid Hellbounds and this simple white lace top.
I really like how this outfit came together :)
You may have noticed I've been wearing a few of these beaded necklaces lately; I recently found my big costume jewellery stash that I packed away when I moved, I found lots of different coloured beads and some pretty bracelets and earrings that I completely forgot about!
I was wearing:
Bardot White Lace Top
Dior Bag
White Frill Socks
Pink Bead Necklace
Diva Charm Bracelet
White Stone Arty Ring
Gold Pink Saphire Ring



  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit. You lucked out so much with the skirt. I won't wear their skirts because they're awful on my body shape, but I'd make an exception for disco ball, I hope I get lucky one day on eBay! :)

    1. Thankyou :) I ended up sizing up in my skirts, I find there better that way. I really want the Disco one too!! xx

    2. That's a good idea... Do they stay put when you do that? lol

    3. They don't ride up as much, plus there less tight around the top :)

  2. I love this skirt and the shoes and the shoulders on the top are awesome. That top is really flattering too. Sooo pretty!


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