Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mint Strawberry

I really wanted the UNIF Garter skirt for a long time- when I finally bought it I went for the pink one over the black to make it less goth and more girly- So I kept the rest of the outfit girly for the first time wearing it.
I paired it with this lace mint dress and my mermaid pink Hellbounds. I really like how this look turned out; but I want to wear the skirt with more black next time for a different look :)
I was wearing:
Valleygirl Lace Mint Dress
Chanel Pink Bag
Pink Lace Frill Socks
Diva Heart Necklace
Balenciaga Pink Cuff Bracelet
Turquoise Stone Bracelet
YSL Turquoise Arty Ring
Pink Minnie Mouse Earrings



  1. I love those shoes so much and the socks look really good with them. I probably would have went with the black skirt but the pink definitely looks great on you! It's so sexual!

    1. Thankyou :) I think the Mermaid are probably my favourite Hellbounds!
      I was going to go for the black skirt..but I wanted something different, but I may end up buying the black as well ;) xx

  2. Did you find that the skirt ran small? I am thinking of purchasing the black skirt, but there is only an XS left online. On DollsKill they mentioned it ran really small, but all the other sites said they ran true to size. So confusing! I'm between an 6 and 8 as well, so I'm quite hesitant.

    1. No, I got the S after reading that on Dolls Kill too, but i wish I had have got my regular XS, the waist is a bit loose and I just think a XS would have been better! I think they are pretty true to size xx


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