Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Cute Animal 's in Cupcakes anyone?
This Black Milk Dress is so cute! I love it :)
I first saw a sneak peak of it a long time before it was released, I loved it and snapped it up when it was released in the Nylon Wars Pt 2.
I went for the pink, but it also comes in blue, green or grey backgrounds.
I paired it with my JC x Wildfox Dallas Platforms to continue with the sugar sweet look.

I was wearing:
Chanel Lavender Bag
Blue Bead Necklace
Balenciaga Pink Cuff Bracelet
YSL Turquoise Arty Ovale Ring
Colourful Dots Earrings



  1. Wow, I'm in awe of that bag, it's so beautiful!


    1. Thankyou :) It's one of my favourites! xx

  2. Lovee the colours, you look great.

  3. I hated all the Kawaii looking stuff in the photos when I saw them and then I snapped them all up on a spur of the moment decision because I thought I had too much dark stuff. Now I have some of them in the legs and the dresses. Funny how your POV changes! They ARE cute! I need more cute and less black/brown, I hope they keep doing cute stuff like this! :)

    1. I always liked this one, but the Tokyo one not so much..its cute but I think it looks a bit like a kids dress. I change my mind all the time too with ordering stuff that I didn't even think about buying when its first released xx

    2. It does look like a kids one, I didn't buy any straight away then he week after release I decided to give the legs a try and fell in love straight away so I got the dress too. I think the Tokyo Massacre and Woman In Red dresses are my two most favourite pieces to wear because they both look amazing on. I can't wait for Summer and a tan to wear them with. lol

    3. You already have a tan compared to me! I look like an albino right now lol.
      I prefer the Tokyo Massacre in the dress, it is cute..but I dunno :S I'll probably end up buying it lol..I've just decided i need Peacock Dress after never taking a second look at it before!

    4. Yes, Peacock Dress is beautiful. I do my eyeshadow like a Peacock when I wear mine like that and it looks better on when you have a tan too. Haha, you should see me normally then. My natural colour is a lot darker than this! (vitamin D deficient)... oh and I did a post yesterday for you to see the Tokyo Massacre Dress on. It's totally gorgeous!


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