Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Latest Black Milk

I received my latest Black Milk Order today! I love all 4 pieces :)
Tomorrow is the big restock day- so I plan to snag a couple more pieces then!
From today:
I wanted the Lace Spartans for a while now, but I thought they were a bit expensive- so when the site was 20% off it was the perfect time to buy!
The snakey red leggings caught my attention- for some reason they reminded me of red leather pants, I plan to wear them with an all black outfit.
I bought the Teal Metallic Skirt after getting the Rose version, they are really pretty and shiny, I hope to pair this with the Mermaid swim when it is finally released!
I also bought some plain black leggings to wear with anything and everything :)



  1. I have a Q.... what is better the plain black matte cheerleader dress or the lace u have both? i saw you wearing the lace one once. Anyways thinking of buying one today...

    1. Yeah I have both, and personally I prefer the Lace one (it is completely see-through though so you need to layer).
      Also the fit on the Lace one is better, my Matte one is looser despite being an XS.
      Depends how you want to wear it though I guess..Matte is more casual :) xx

  2. I just bought my second BM, the rainbow galaxy dress :) Can't wait to get it! I'm currently really wanting the jelly legs and woman in red legs, but it's just too hot here in Hawaii! But I'm waiting for the great waves dress 2.0 dress and the star wars collection. And I'm still constantly stalking ebay for the polar bear dress hahaha. Gosh, BM truly is an addiction! If I wasn't still in college, I would be buying much much more!

    1. You will LOVE the rainbow dress! So pretty :)
      I'm waiting on the Star Wars stuff too, it sure is an addiction xx

  3. Hey, I remembered you mentioning that you'll be in Hawaii in December right? Well we're having a sharkie meet up sometime during the 7th-9th. You should come if you'll be in Oahu then :) Do you know what dates you'll be here?

    1. I think I will probably be there then yeah, but I'll let you know closer to the time :) Thanks for letting me know xx


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