Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lace Evil Cheerleader

First outfit wearing my new Lace Evil Cheerleader Dress from Black Milk.
I really love it :) I prefer it over the Matte Black version which I also recently purchased.
It is see-through, so I'm wearing a black singlet slip dress underneath, but it could also be paired with a coloured dress to create a different look; similar to the Eyelash Dress.
I was wearing:
Supre Black Singlet Dress (under)
Chanel Pearl Necklace
Chanel Vintage Watch
Gold Bangles
Vintage Gold & Black Earrings



  1. damn i was too late to buy ithis today! ...LIFE. It looks very pretty on you! By the way I'm also BM obsessed. hehe I got the polkadot bodysuit in the mail the other day! so cute! i hope they make more capped sleeve body suits!

    1. Thanks :) I noticed things selling out really quickly! Hopefully they restock it soon!
      I love the polkadot stuff! I bought the leggings, I was going to buy the Island Retreat body suit but it sold out too quickly :( Oh well xx

  2. Such a pretty dress and I love the Foxys!

  3. Thankyou :) I really want to get some new Foxy's soon- maybe more of a summer colour pair! xx


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