Thursday, 23 August 2012

Galaxy Cheerleader

I really wanted to wear my Evil Cheerleader Dress without the extra layers of jacket and leggings, but it's just too cold!
I really love this Black Milk Dress, it's probably one of there most versatile pieces.
I was wearing:
Leather Jacket
Chanel Blue Bag
Gold Chain
Large Stone Bracelet
Chanel Black J12 Watch
Vintage Stone Earrings



  1. Loving all the black milk hehehhe! OMG Im so bad, im so obsessed with black milk right now. I got my pal some tetris legs (lucky cos i think they r gone now :() and i got some bettlejuice ones in the mail today! Check out my collection hahahhaha i really hope they make alice in wonderland stuff soon :P it makes me excited when people show off there black milk stuff!

    1. I know me too! I love it :)
      I think the Alice stuff will be coming back out soon!
      How are your SOM Back Off's, Im planning on getting the Lita version soon..and maybe the Galaxy Back Off's too xx

    2. the SOM back offs are so cool! They actually loook really good with my fairy green leggings and my bettlejuice ones but anyways ive only worn them afew times cos they r so pretty and i dont want peeps to spill alcohol or get mud on them! Hahahah when i frst wore them to a party afew people bent down and tried to read them! People love how much if a statement shoes they r! . My friends gave me the galaxy 99 shoes for my bday and they have a really good patch of rainbow on them! so much green section! but id say the SOM backoffs make a bit more of a statement just cos they r chunkier. I like them both in different ways u know! Galaxy backoffs would b amazing too! i really like the bonemachine ones too! I dont own any litas but id love the bonemachine one! such a cool print...who am i kidding they r all cool, i reckon youd b happy with any combo!

    3. I love my Galaxy & Bone Machine Litas, so I want the SOM to complete the set. But I think the Galaxy Back Offs look pretty awesome too. My Galaxy Damsels tho..I didnt like :S funny fit and bad colouring :(

    4. ooo really? The only reason i didnt want to get the damsel is because they looks so high to walk in and i thought id be too scared to wear them hehe. The sick of men print is super cool! hehehe u could wear it with the comic boo dress and b all matchy, it would be funny but good for the novelty! Did u know black milk r having a sample sale in melbourne tomorow? I want to go but i start work at 11 so it would b cuttin it fine :P

    5. I know! I wish I was in Melbourne so I could go!! Everything is only $40 a piece and looks like there will be some awesome stuff there! I've seen the Union Jack Dress will be one of them :'(
      You should totally go!! I think it would be worth being a little late for ;)

  2. I love this outfit and the chunkiness of it... the blue and black look amazing together!


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