Monday, 20 August 2012

Next Shoe Purchases

Adding to my UNIF Hellbound collection, I plan to buy the Grey Hellbounds next!
Im thinking of getting the Sick Of Men Litas to complete my BM x JC Lita collection, I'm still unsure of them, does anyone have them? I would love to see some outfit pics featuring them.
Also after seeing peoples photos of their Rainbow Galaxy Back Off's I really want a pair of those too now! 
Solestruck also have the Bone Machine Lita on sale at the moment, down from $199 to $139! I love my pair, if your thinking about getting them now is the time! They look so much better in real life :)



  1. Ooh, do you mind posting the link where you saw the Galaxy Back Off's? I wanted them first and mostly when I heard about the release and then I saw the product photos and decided they didn't wow me very much and ended up going for the shoe I'd never have bought, the Damsel! Now I'm not sure if I want them or not, but I do have photos of the SOM Lita's, not outfit photos but they're the best photos I've seen of them being worn so far and have convinced me I need that print in any of the shoe styles really! lol

    1. The pictures I saw were on the Black Milk FB Page, or maybe the BM Discussion Group Page. It was recently though so you should be able to find them.
      Thanks for the SOM Lita pics, they look really good! I think I'll end up buying them :) xx

  2. The grey hellbounds are amazing! I don't really think the hellbounds can go wrong though. I would love to get the turquoise ones personally. The sick of men litas are pretty awesome as well... i think i would wear them a lot on the weekends. Maybe with a plaid flannel or tied around my waist.

    1. As you have probably seen, I just got the Turquoise Hellbounds today!
      I'm planning on getting the Grey Hellbounds and Sick Of Men Lita's in a couple of weeks :) xx


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