Friday, 3 August 2012

Lita vs Big Lita vs Hellbound. A comparison

So when the Big Lita first came out- there were a lot of negative reactions; people were saying that Jeffrey Campbell had copied the UNIF Hellbounds, but the funny thing is; when the Hellbounds were first released everyone was saying that UNIF copied Jeffrey Campbell -_-
In truth; Lita's, Hellbounds and Big Lita's were all inspired by Charles Anastase Dungeon Boots.
So everyone has been wondering; how do the Big Lita's compare to the Hellbounds in terms of comfort, size and wearability? Hopefully this post can help answer that; if you have any other questions please leave a comment and I'll try to answer them :)

Firstly lets look at the original Lita vs the Big Lita; I remember unboxing my first ever pair of Lita's; my first thought was "wow they're huge"now; looking at the Lita next to the Big Lita; they seem tiny.
The main differences between the two are the platform and heel heights and the side zipper on the Big Lita, which also features a monster chunky (black, not wood) heel like the Hellbounds.
The overall shape; lace up platform bootie is pretty similar. Both are very comfortable and easy to walk in- usually no worries there with any JC Shoe.
I had some requests to post a comparison of the Hellbounds vs Lita a while ago which can be found here, a lot of those points are similar when comparing the Hellbound to the Big Lita.
Personally; I would say that the Big Lita is a more 'girly' and streamline version of the Hellbound.
The Big Lita seems sleeker, where the Hellbounds seem more grunge/goth.
One advantage of the Big Lita is the laces are secured through actual holes; rather than the rivets used on the Hellbounds, which can often slip of and unravel when you walk.
The Big Lita is also not as tight as the Hellbounds, the side zipper is much better on the Big Lita too- easy to slip your foot in and out, I find I have to still unlace my Hellbounds half way to get my foot in.
One think I do prefer on the Hellbounds however is the thick laces which can be swapped around to create different looks.
In conclusion; I love all three designs, they all have there own unique features despite all being a similar style boot; if you love one you will probably also love the others :)

Leather Upper
Wooden Heel
5 Inch Heel
2 Inch Platform
Lace Up
Comes in a huge multitude of colours

Big Lita
Brushed Leather Upper
6 Inch Heel
2.75 Inch Platform
Lace Up
Side Zipper
More colours to come

Suede Leather Upper
6 Inch Heel
3 Inch Platform
Comes with interchangeable coloured laces
Rivet Lace Up
Side Zip
Comes in 8 different colours




  1. LOVE this post! The big lita actually does seem to compare quite nicely to the hellbound... I didnt think it would be such similar in heights... there is something i like about both a lot!

    1. They are very similar :) I love them both xx

  2. My friend's going to the US and offered to buy me a pair of JC's from Nordstrom while she's there. Would you say these are a definite yes? I'm tossing up between them and the original black Lita Spike which I never got because I wanted another version more!

    1. I would go for these over the Lita spike, especially if you like the Hellbounds, I hardly ever wear my Spikes..
      Not sure if Nordstrom will have them though..they usually have limited styles and they seem to take forever to get the newer styles in stock.

    2. Yeah I noticed that on their website, that's why I'm SO stuck choosing! I have what I want and everything I don't have is limited to Solestruck. lol

    3. Yeah same for me pretty much, your probably just better off buying the ones you want on Solestruck, it wont be any cheaper at Nordstrom (more expensive if anything..) plus Solestruck has free shipping ;)

  3. Sorry old fashioned litas, UNIF hellbounds are perfect! <3 :)

    1. I love old fashion things :) Im still unsure of which I like best! xx

  4. Thanks for the thorough review <3 But between the Hellbound and Big Lita.. which one is more comfortable? Does the .25 inch in the platform make any real difference?

    1. I don't think the .25 inch platform difference matters much, they both feel about the same height wise.
      It's hard to say which is more comfortable, I'd probably say the Big Lita would be..but mine are a little big xx

  5. Can you post a photo of comparison with them on you're feet :)?

    1. Hi, if you look through my blog you'll probably find quite a few pics of each of them on my feet.
      Here is the Big Lita:

  6. Hi can i ask if thebig litas are difficult to walk in say are they very heavy compared to good old lita ? Thanks ~Natalie

    1. Hi! Personally I prefer the regular Lita's.
      The Big Lita are a bit heavier than the Lita, but not as heavy as the Hellbounds!
      My main issue with the Big Lita is they are loose on me, they run a little big for me, so I don't wear them much xx


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