Thursday, 5 July 2012

UNIF Hellraisers!

I finally got the UNIF Hellraisers thanks to Tilted Sole!
They sent me the Bubblegum Pink ones and I love them!
I have wanted these shoes for such a long time :) I should have bought them ages ago- they seem like really good quality! 100% soft leather.
They are really comfy and fit so well- I got the Size 6; which is what I usually wear in flats.
These will be a great alternative to all the mega high shoes I usually wear!
Buy them from Tilted Sole! I highly recommend them! They still have lots of pairs- not only pink, but also the indigo and white! You can also get a $10 off coupon by signing up to their Newsletter!
I really love the 'Big Lita' which I have also just discovered on Tilted Sole, its like a mash up of the regular Lita's and the UNIF Hellbound's- Two of my favourite styles- so these would be perfect for me :)



  1. The Hellraisers are so you! Nice mix of edge and pink. :)

    I totally just saw the Big Lita and rushed to your blog to see what you had to say about them! I like them but I still love the Hellbounds better..but I can't wait to see if they bring the Big Lita in all the colors as well.

    1. I think I like the Hellbounds better too! But I really wanna get these and see. I think they'll probably bring out more colours soon :) xx

  2. I want both the shoes you talked about here... I want the Big Lita because it doesn't have the rivets like the Hellbounds and I see these lasting longer than the Hellbounds, so I'll only pull out my Hellbounds when I wear the multi-coloured laces and the Lita's all other times... I've also been really scared to order the Hellraisers though because I've read so many mixed opinions on sizes. I always only ever buy an 8 in my shoes and never have had to go up or down before. I fit 8 in shoes, boots and flats, but I keep hearing these aren't true to size?

    1. I really like them, Im planning on buying them soon :)
      As for the Hellraisers, maybe measure your foot? I usually buy a 6 in heels/flats and 7 in boots so I can wear socks or whatever.
      The 6 in the Hellraisers are perfect for me, cause your an 8 in everything- you would probably be ok with the 8 :S


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