Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell

I got both pairs of my Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell Shoes today.
I really love the Lita's, they fit really well and have good colour placement (even if the best part is on the instep).
However; I'm really not happy with the Damsels.
They are way too big for me, even though Solestruck states they are true to size, I think there probably a full size too big on me, I ordered a 7 which is usually what I get in Boots, but I think I really need a 6.
Also I just don't like the look of them- I was really hoping to get a real rainbow pair, but my pair has heaps of orange/red which is what I really didn't want it to have.
If anyone is planning on buying a pair of the Black Milk shoes I would definitely recommend buying the Lita over the Damsels!
I cant believe that I've been waiting over 3 months for these shoes only to have one of the pairs be so disappointing..



  1. Wow. Your Damsel's are actually really disappointing. I can see why you're upset about them. I absolutely love your Lita's though. And I would consider them but I'm really afraid I will get bad placement and regret that too. lol

    1. I know :( I wish they had a store here so we could go pick out the prettiest pairs! Xx

    2. Yeah with things like this when they can't tell you exactly how it'll look, it would make it SO much easier!

    3. Hi there! Do you still have them? If you are willing to sell them, how much would you sell them for? Thanks!

    4. Hi, I still have the Lita's, but no Im not selling.. Maybe try eBay? :)

    5. Thanks for replying :) , but the JC BlackMilk Damsel is totally gone everywhere :( I guess I fell in love with JC just a step too late....


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