Friday, 20 July 2012

Spikes & Spots

My latest Solestruck purchases; Lita Spike CMYK in Black/Pink and UNIF Hellbounds in Leopard!
I love them both! I was so pleased when these Lita's went on sale, I snapped them up straight away.
I decided to order the Leopard Hellbounds as well, I didnt really want the Leopard ones in the beginning, I like them so much better with the black laces. I think they look a lot better in real life.
As always Solestruck was awesome, fast shipping and great service; still my number one store for buying shoes :)



  1. I'm still absolutely DYING to see them with the jacket! lol

    1. I'll try to do an outfit post with them together sometime this week xx

  2. Love both pairs! Leopard is obviously my favorite!

  3. im thinking about getting the litas w/ pink spikes, but then again maybe the silver spikes but i think almost every girl has them. Im moving to Europe and usually shipping is fast from USA to Canada so im trying to order as much stuff as i can. Which would you recommend or prefer?, do they fit small or bigger? Thank you :)

  4. I prefer the Pink Spikes! I havnt seen them on anyone else and like you said the Silver are everywhere!
    As for the sizing, I got my regular size in the pink, but went down half a size with the silver- it fits a bit bigger than the normal Litas :)


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