Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Red Galaxy

Red, White, Blue and Galaxy Shoes!
Unfortunately I couldn't wear these shoes out- I just wore them for the pics cause they're way too big for me :( 
There was lots of red tones in the print of the shoes so I chose to pair them with a red bag and scarf.
I was wearing:
Supre Cropped White Biker Jacket
White Tshirt
Alexander McQueen Red Scarf
Bardot Denim Jeans
Chanel Red Bag
Chanel White J12 Watch
Equip Red Diamonte Bracelet
Vintage Earrings



  1. I am thrilled with your blog I started to follow you and see you, my

  2. the shoes are super cute, too bad they didn't fit you!!! way jealous of your collection.

    1. OMG Sydnasty! I love your blog :)
      I know, its a shame :( But I still have the Lita version!
      Thanks for visiting xx


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