Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oroton Valet Bag

I received my Oroton Valet Bag today.
I won this little beauty in a Shop Til You Drop competition about a month ago.
I was expecting it to be red, but being black is even better.
Its hard to capture in photos- but it is made of sequins, leather and fur, it's limited edition number 86 of only 100 worldwide :)
It's really pretty, I love it! Thanks Shop Til You Drop :)



  1. wow, you're so lucky princess, hehehe, but i think its only for australia residents rite? anw, may i know where did you get ur balenciaga bags? is it in sydney's shops or you bought them via ol? may i know how much is it? hehehe, btw, have you ever got fossil handbags? thanks :p

    1. Hi, Yeah it's an Australian Magazine.
      I've bought them from various places; on holidays, ebay etc..
      No I dont have Fossil bags :)


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