Wednesday, 25 July 2012

UNIF Hellbound Collection

Well my little Hellbound collection was complete for all of 1 day before Dolls Kill told me that they had just received the Turquoise and Grey -_-
I plan on getting them both soon :)
So heres some pics of my collection so far; Indigo, Mermaid Pink, Neon Pink, Black, Crimson and Leopard!



  1. I am so jealous of your collection!! I just went over to Dolls Kill to check out the other two colors. The turquoise is INSANE! ugh so gorgeous, I think I am most jealous of the mermaid ones, there's just something about them. Hellbounds are just so gorgeous! I have never seen anyone besides myself haha, wearing them in person. But all the pictures are so amazing, I can't deal. Can't wait till you get the otehr two colors and style them! xoxo

    1. Love them all! Hopefully I can get the new colours soon- Im hoping they will bring out a purple or a glitter one soon :)

  2. I've been haunting the mermaid pink and turquoise hellbounds FOREVER... ehh so frustrating. Nasty Gal just restocked the black ones, I'm so tempted to buy them but I know the black ones are not what I truly want :(

    Did you by any chance purchase any pair of hellbounds you own from NastyGal? Were you charged a horrible amount of custom fee? If you can let me know I'd be great!

    Thanks! Love all your collections! I happen to love BM too, and I can't wait for their two-sided evil cheerleader dress!

    1. I havn't purchased any of my Hellbounds from Nasty Gal..generally not a fan of buying from there if I can avoid it.
      We don't really get charged custom fees here in Australia- unless the value is over $1000, so Im not sure about that sorry xx


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