Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Smileys & Crosses

I finally decided to buy the Black Milk Cross of St Peters Skirt.
I went for the white seeing as I already own the black version in the leggings.
I also bought the Smiley Hosiery, they are so cute, from afar they look like regular patterned tights, but up close they are made up of lots of little smiley faces.
I really love both pieces!
I paired them with a simple black top and my new JC x Nasty Gal Angela Platforms.
I was wearing:
Supre Black Long Sleeve Tee
Neon Hart Leather Vest
Celine Bag
Lovisa Necklace
House of Harlow Black & White Arrow Bangles
Equip Black Stone Ring & Leopard Head Ring
Vintage Gold Cross Earrings



  1. holy crap all those shoes! what a dream

  2. The skirt looks great on you and I love the shoes too!!

  3. ooohhh you make me want the smilies! What else have you boughten from BM recently? I haven't been too thrilled about their collections lately... I'm hoping Nylon Wars part 2 will be better. I know for sure that I will get the new great waves dress when it comes out in September! I'm desperately craving a dress :)

    1. They are really cool- super tough and stretchy and only $25!
      I also got the Lipstick Velvet Skirt with the Smileys and the Cross Skirt.
      I may have also purchased 6 new pieces from todays release ;) Whoops xx

  4. hah you're addicted!Can't wait to see everything you bought!


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